Monday, February 13, 2012

Two For The Road ~ Cakes of a Different Color

Two For the Road, a truck I had heard so much about but hadn't yet tried. Famous for their retro music, and their crab cakes. At the 57 Degrees gathering back in December, I finally got the chance to catch up with them and get the scoop!  
          Meet Lisa!

She and her Italian Chef husband, Roberto used to tour around the country stopping off at all their favorite eateries and savor the flavors from East to West! Having traveled quite extensively, they thought,                                        "Wouldn't it be great to collect all of these flavors and share them with others?"  So that is exactly what they set out to do!                                               
Their dream became a reality back in February 2011, (Happy 1 year anniversary!) when Two For The Road came to be.  Serving up all their favorites from their travels, and coming up with a few of their own.
Take for example this dish: The Capt. Crunch Crab Cake! This invention was inspired by the Capt. Crunch chicken fingers at Planet Hollywood.

I only have one word for this dish. "Yum!" I know at first mention of the children's cereal most people would turn green and stick out their tongue, however the cereal makes for a fantastic breading. Its actually light and crispy and only slightly sweet. I would say it reminded me of panko bread crumbs.
And believe it or not, the natural sweetness of the crab works very, very, well with it. The sauce is tangy and creamy. All around delicious!

And for desert, seeing as it was nearing Christmas, they had a delicious concoction! BLUE Velvet Pancakes with Peppermint Whipped Cream.

I would like to say they were delicious to the last bite . . . . .  but my mom stole them from me  . . . .
I only got one bite . . . . . . . but it was tasty. . . . . my mom sure thought the world of them . . . .

Thats the last time I take you to a Food Truck Gathering mom. . . . . .   *pouts* . . . . . . . . . .  stealmypancakeswillya . . . .

I mentioned retro tunes before, thats not the only retro exuding from the truck. They also serve up retro sodas including Bubble Up, Shirley Temples, and a rare original recipe Dr. Pepper that unless you live in the town of Dublin, Texas, you just can't get!

In addition, they have an awesome line of chips with neo-retro designs by the name of Mama Zuma's Revenge. They also have these amazing cookies made by The Cravory. with delicious, and bizarre flavors!

Check out Two For the Road next time you are hankerin' for a bit of Retro Flavor!

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