Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Dog Shack ~ Mmmmmurder and Mmmmayhem

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Galley. . . . 

I submit for your patronage, Exhibit A:

The Trailer in question, and it's kitchen within are guilty of tasty identity theft!  Before this review is over I will have proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that not only is The Dog Shack guilty of deceitful deliciousness, but also cold blooded murder!
. . . . . I hope you can handle the truth . . . . .

EXHIBIT B:                                     EXHIBIT C:
Ladies and Gentlemen .. . To your left (exhibit B) is a picture of the Victims. Their names are Corn Dog and Curly Fries.  . . . . and to your right (exhibit C) are the Impersonators! 

We are all very familiar with the Victims, are we not? How many times have we called our old friends Corn Dog and Curly Fries over for dinner? Well the next time you call them, you may very well end up with the culprits from The Dog Shack's design!  

Their reign of delightful deception began in July of 2011, when one family took it upon themselves to mimic their favorite "dog" eatery from their home in Michigan. They made their own changes of course. For example: That golden glow of corn replaced by the darker pallor of Honey Wheat.  Those seasoned curly fries that we know so well, replaced by healthier, tastier shoestrings of never frozen goodness . . . .

Sorry. I got carried away there for a moment.. .                                  *ahem*

May it please the Galley, I submit that these morsels come in many guises! Sometimes those dogs appear dressed up in a bun instead of a stick. Sometimes the imposter fries try to hide under blankets of cheese, or bacon . . . . But we know better don't we folks? How could it be possible that 100% smoked beef could ever replace our childhood friend? 
The accused in one of their many known disguises.  

Here are the crime scene photos. I warn you, they are graphic:

EXHIBIT E                                                      EXHIBIT F


And last but not least, photographic evidence of the culprits fleeing the scene of the crime !!!


The images you see before you speak for themselves.  I shall let you be judge and jury.

Thank you.

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  1. They drove by my house yesterday! I agree, there food is tasty, and they are the nicest people.