Sunday, February 12, 2012

Delicioso ~ California Burrito

Jorge always spoils me rotten whenever I visit.  I told them about how much I loved the Nemo taco last time and before I could blink I found myself stuffing my face with one! After I was done he says,
"Okay, now what do you want to try next?" 

I took a look at the menu for the day and everything sounded delicious! No! Delicioso! I finally settled on the California Burrito, and it's as big as a whale but not priced like one. I had to get him to cut it in half not only so I could take a picture of it for the blog, but also so I could eat one half and safe the other for later!!!!
Here in "OMGvision", we see the detail of the carne asada, fresh herbs, tomato, cheese, and of course . . . the French Fries! Stuffed to the gills!  Meat and veggies with such flavor magic!

Now, I know there are some of you out there that would count Delicioso as just another roach coach serving up Mexican food. But 2 things. . . . one, they are serving up Tex-Mex, and gourmet Tex-Mex at that . . . and two, roach coaches don't hold a candle to the food quality and flavor that Delicioso is dishing out with a totally different menu TWICE A DAY!

In between lunch and dinner, they go shopping for the produce they will use that night. You can't get that kinda freshness from your typical roach coach now can you? Nope! No way Jose!. . . I mean Jorge!


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