Friday, February 10, 2012

Tabe ~ Korean BBQ Asada Fries

I woke up this morning already thinking about lunch. I took a look in my folder to see what I had last Monday. I had MIHO last week, lets try the Twitter account. Bring it up and I see that MIHO has put Lumpia on their menu. . . haha . .  If there is one thing in this world you would loose a hand taking off my plate . . . its BBQ Ribs. . . . but if there was a second thing that you would loose a hand for its Lumpia. I ADORE Lumpia.   However, also on the Twitter feed, I see that Tabe, the truck I've been dying to try, is coming into my area for lunch. A block away no less.  So I had to make the difficult decision. Korean BBQ or Lumpia?

Well . . . . BBQ won in the end. It was a celebrity death match situation in my mind, believe me. I could smell the aroma wafting down the street as I drove up. My mouth started to water as I got out of the car. I asked the gentleman taking orders what he recommended, and he helped me decide on the Korean BBQ Beef Asada Fries. Let me paint a beautiful picture for you.  

Imagine fallin'-off-the-bone tender beef, with enough spice to clear your sinuses and make your lips tingle.  Crispy fries, cheese, and sour cream.  Mid way through I had to take my cardigan off as I was gettin a little warm eating them. Not overly spicy, but enough to get you to a certain level and stay there till your done. They looked like a cross between chili fries and sloppy joe fries, but they were de'lish! The only thing I didn't like about it was the heavy fennel after taste. But it was actually a good thing in the end. For those who don't know, Fennel is a fantastic aid in digestion. After all that spice, I thought it was going to be heartburn city for sure! But after the last bite, that fennel kicked in and did it's job and I've had no problems all day! These boys know what they are doing!  I highly recommend these fries to anyone who likes a bit of heat!

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