Friday, February 10, 2012

First Trip to the 57 Degrees Gathering

I went down to the third Friday gathering at Hancock and Washington at a wine bar called 57 Degrees. In the back of the building sat a gorgeous line of food trucks all cooking away. Some I had tried before, others I hadn't. 

I started at one end and read the menus all the way down.  All of them had great choices. One truck I hadn't tried yet caught my eye, Streetside Bistro. These are the new kids on the block. They've had the truck for a while, but up until recently was a one location vehicle. For the past month, they've been trying out new areas of San Diego! They had a menu advertising teriyaki chicken skewers. Just after I had ordered that, I looked over and saw the Bistro Burger. I decided to get that too!


The chicken skewers were fantastic. Huge chunks of meat, great flavor!  The Bistro Burger was also quite delicious. Thick patty, think slices of grilled salami, and all the fixin's served on a kaiser roll. It was so big I had to finish it for lunch the next day! Looking forward to eating with these guys again.

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