Friday, February 10, 2012

Sushi Ninjas ~ Afro Ninja, Jammin' Salmon, & Seaweed Salad

Sushi Ninjas ~ Afro Ninja w/ Jammin' Salmon Roll
Once again, I went to go visit the one and only Sushi Ninjas truck. Last time, I sampled their shrimp roll, this time I went for something with a bit of heat!  How's the Afro Ninja sound?

Spicy Tuna, Spicy Crab, avocado, jalapeno, and cream cheese all rolled up and then, get this, they deep fry it! 
Just enough to get a crispy rice outside, then they top it off with sweet eel sauce and a spicy mayo.
Whhooooooooooo!  Clears your sinuses AND satisfies your hunger!

I also had the seaweed salad. Danny warned me that it was addicting and I have to agree. Something about the combo of soy, sugar, vinegar  and pepper that makes this salad just so darn yummy. 
Could it be the fresh, crispness of the seaweed that reminds me of snapping a perfect green bean in half? Could it be the sesame seeds? Who knows! All I know is that I was warned! I can't say he didn't tell me so.
Sushi Ninjas ~ Seaweed Salad

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