Friday, February 10, 2012

Food Farm ~ Grilled Cheese Fries and Fritters!

 Today, being rather ravenous, I saw that Food Farm, makers of the glorious signature Sliders that I reviewed before, were close by. Resisting the urge to once again have the "sliders of YUM!" (my name for them, not there's) Kenny and Xochitl made quick work of suggesting some delicious items on their menu.
Food Farms Food Truck

Having only been truckin' since April, Food Farm has been making a big name for themselves in being one of the most public about where they get their ingredients from. The truck itself is emblazoned with the words LOCAL. ORGANIC. SUSTAINABLE. 
Food Farms ~ Grilled Cheese w/ Bacon
 They convinced me to go with their Grilled Cheese sandwich which was comprised of Wheat bread, swiss cheese, pesto, and BACON!  Such a flavor combo!  It seems simple in it's design, but put it all together and wow. I would normally never think to put pesto on a grilled cheese, but it totally works. It was herby and light, and quite refreshing actually.

And of course whats a lunch meal without a side of fries, really?  How about some Parm & Herb fries? With fry sauce.   *record scratch*  Fry sauce? What the heck is fry sauce?
Xochitl exclaimed, "It's a Utah thing!".  Ketchup, mayo, and assorted spices. It tastes like Thousand Island gone Cajun and is most DEFINITELY welcome on my fries any day.  Let me tell you, its a difference you can taste. Sorry, Ranch . . . you've been replaced.

Food Farms ~ Chocolate Banana Fritters

Then to top it off, I had heard tales of Chocolate Banana Fritters in Tweets and FB statuses. I had to have them! And what was the verdict?  Close your eyes. . . . okay now open them again so you can continue reading this. . . .  Imagine Warm, beautiful nuggets of ooey-gooey chocolate centered banana bread . . . .  pardon me . . . you're drooling a bit. Quite literally finger-lickin-good.

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