Friday, February 10, 2012

Chubby's ~ Chubby Burger

Chubby's Food Truck
Mira Mesa Food Truck Gathering, you never cease to amaze me. Tonight's choice was Chubby's. 

The truck famous for its homemade Chorizo and the decadent Cheesecake Eggrolls. You evil, evil truck you! Chicho, the owner, was kind enough to come down out of the truck and have a quick chat with me in between the waves of hungry attendees. While they've had the truck for about 3 months now, they started out doing catering private events. (which they still do) However they've only been hitting the lunch/dinner circuit for 2 months.

Chubby's ~ Chubby Burger
They whipped me up their signature Chubby Burger. The first bite told me all I needed to know. The secret sauce, homemade of course, isn't your boring ketchup/mayo mixture at all. Its flavorful and has a bit of zing to it. I noticed they serve all their burgers on fresh Chibatta bread. A novel idea because its so light and fluffy with all its nooks and crannies that it soaks up all the flavor that otherwise would have been lost! Best part is the bread doesn't get soggy while doing this.   The beef was nicely cooked and had good flavor. Good burger. Loved that secret sauce! I will gladly go back again and again.

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