Friday, February 10, 2012

Pierogi Truck at Mira Mesa Monday

The area was full of happy smiling faces as the DJ spun away. Great trucks all the way around. One I have been dying to try was front and center with no line. The purple Pierogi Truck. I looked around and the other trucks were bustling busy. My mind was made up. I walked up to the truck with confidence and saw a man inside sit down

A lady came to the window and I said, "You better make him stand up cause I'm gonna make him work!"  She laughed and told him what I had said. Laughing, he came to the window and asked what I would like. I told him that I wrote reviews and asked what his recommendation would be. Be said the Stuffed Cabbage but they were sold out. Be said the second choice would be the meat Pierogi. I took him up on the recommendation.

I don't think that I have ever been more amazed by Polish cuisine. They were absolutely mind-blowingly delicious! Savory meat filling which was the consistency of the best tuna casserole you've ever had, in a potato shell somewhere between ravioli and gyoza. Had a great tooth feel. Not soggy but not too al dente. To top it off there were green onions and delicious BACON! The bacon actually did more for the dish than one may realize. While eating I took notice of the fact that while the Pierogi was savory, it wasn't salty. Eating the bacon with the pierogi gave it a wonderful flavor texture. Brilliant! And as someone who normally doesn't like cole slaw, their sweet slaw was delicious.

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