Friday, February 10, 2012

MIHO Gastrotruck ~ Mozz Burger

Lunch time comes around only once a day unless you are a Hobbit. MIHO is near so i think its high time I tried one of their burgers. The menu was freshly chalked in bright colors and a burger was indeed what caught my eye. A burger named Mozz.

Grass-fed beef, cherry tomato jam, vanilla, local bib and local briocche. The grass-fed beef is really growing on me. It has such a succulent flavor. The Mozz burger was well seasoned... perhaps a bit over seasoned, but it tasted like a good steak. Tomato jam wouldn't usually turn my head but it was sweet and complimented the savory.  I unfortunately did not taste the vanilla in the burger which is way attracted me to it. The cheese was locally made and was thick and creamy. Overall good burger with room for improvement. I also sampled their fresh Horchatta. Excellent stuff! Not overly sweet and the cinnamon wasn't overpowering.

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