Monday, February 27, 2012

Pearson's Louisiana Cajun Food

Meet Clinton Pearson!
Originally from East Texas, Clinton met his Louisiana born wife Danielle and began a culinary journey together tracing Danielle's Cajun roots! Her Grandparents taught her most of what she knows, but she learned a proper Gumbo recipe from an old Cajun man Des Allamandes, Louisiana.

For the past 4 years, they've been touring back and forth from coast to coast chasing Jazz and Crawfish Festivals and private catering events with their mobile trailer kitchen. Clinton asked me if I'd still do a review even though they cook from a trailer and not a truck. I told him as long as it moves and there is food involved I talk about it!

So lets talk about it!  They have a wonderful menu loaded with southern goodies with your choice of fish, chicken, shrimp and of course . . . .Gator! Pearson's is well known for their Gator Bites, as well as their Catfish and Bayou Tenders.

I had the pleasure of trying out those Gator Bites, along with some Hush Puppies and Cajun Fries, and a nice tall glass of their Sweet Tea.

I was in Southern Heaven!

Their Gator Bites, looked like chicken tenders at first glance, but when you bit into them you'd be in for a surprise! Just like Jazz, they are big, bold, and brassy! That punch of gator flavor isn't for everyone but for folks that like gator, you can't miss out on these ones! Perfectly seasoned, golden bites of swapland predator!

I would just like to take a moment to pay ultimate homage to the BEST Hush Puppies I have ever had in my life! The whole thing was just too darn perfect! Crispy outside, moist inside, and the cornmeal itself was so savory and light. I would gladly eat these every day.

The Cajun fries carried a nice big wallop. I was expecting them to be a light hint of selected herbs and spices and I nearly choked with surprise at how full flavor they were. Pearson's holds nothing back peeps!

Last but not least, there was the beautiful, beautiful Sweet Tea. Now folks, I've been spoiled rotten when it comes to Sweet Tea. My best friend, Moe, is from Georgia, and she is ever so picky when it comes to this particular subject. She knows good from bad, fake from genuine, and I'm happy to say that she's taught me how to spot a genuine when I am presented with one. I am 100% sure that Moe would classify this Tea as the Real McCoy.

It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful people and taste their true Southern Fare.

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