Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Bahn Mi in a Bahn Bao Bun


Siblings Jenny, Ken, and Michael set out on their mobile culinary career on the night of Friday the 17th of February at the 57 Degrees Food Truck Gathering. I was absolutely honored to catch them on their very first night and to be the very first person to interview them.

I stepped up to the new truck and a winning - if not beaming - smile greeted me. I handed her my card and asked if they'd care for an interview and food review. She practically leaped through the window to hug me!

I don't think I have ever met such enthusiastic food truck owners before! Just the nicest people ever!

I took a look at their menu and found it fantastically whimsical. You have your choice of Bahn Mi in either a delicious french/viet bread hoagie style or slider style using fresh Bao Buns.
However, while what is in them may be familiar, they are hardly ordinary. You have your choice of:  Moo, Doodle-Do, Oink, or Tofu.

The caricatures in the logo represent themselves. Michael is fond of pork, Jenny loves chicken, and Ken can't live without his beef.

If Ken looks familiar to you, then you are most likely a fan of the show, Survivor.  Ken "The King of Smash" Hoang survived 37 out of the 39 days in Gabon back in 2008.   When he was interviewed and asked what he would do with the money he won, he had said that he would open a restaurant with his family, and low and behold he kept his word!

 They gave me some of their delicious Bahn Mi Sliders in the Moo and Doodle-Do variety. They were beautiful! Well, just see for yourself!

Fresh strips of carrot, cucumber and sweet onions that they had been up prepping at 3AM that morning! The chicken (pardon me) "Doodle-Do" was succulent and full of flavor. The savory or the meat, mixed with the heat of the Sriracha based sauce and cilantro and simultaneously elevated with the sweetness from the onions and the Boa bun itself. Soft rice dough, crunchy veggies, tender meat . . .  the whole thing was a flavor/texture treat!  

Now take all those elements, subtract the chicken, erm, Doodle-Do, and add steak, I mean Moo, instead!

That Moo was comparable to a well seasoned slab of beef you'd get at your favorite steak house.  The only thing missing was a ginormous portion of mashed potatoes . . . . . . .
This means something. This is important . . . . . . 

These little sliders pack a super sized flavor punch.  I will DEFINITELY be back for more the next chance I get!


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