Friday, February 10, 2012

MR. PIG'S BBQ IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE GODS OF BBQ HAVE SPOKEN! And their names are Peter and Bill and they drive a truck with a pig snout!  These two brothers have been cooking together for 20 years, and as of 6 days ago, they ventured down the road, literally, to the land of Food Truck awesomeness.  When I heard that this brand new truck was in the neighborhood, my taste buds started blooming as the call of bbq sounded.  The brothers told me all about how they slow cook their meat for 24 hours using different combos of Hickory, Oak, and fruit tree woods such as Cherry and Apple. They have their own secret dry rub and a variety of homemade bbq sauces, of which you can choose from mild, medium, and hot.  Of course the first thing I notice are the prices. Nothing over $5!   Their menu has everything from pork to beef, to hushpuppies, to home made apple pie!  I just gotta say, their apple pie is their grandmother's recipe and their mother makes the pies for the boys because she won't give them the recipe!. More on the pie later.  The boys were VERY generous to me and loaded me up with some of their best fair.

Mr. Pig's ~ Porky Fires

They started me off with the Porky Fries. Crispy, golden french fries topped with the most delectable melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork I've had in many many moons!
To date, the best pulled pork fries I've ever had were at the Longhorn Restaurant in Tombstone, AZ.  Mr. Pig's gives the Longhorn a run for it's money lemme tell you.

Mr. Pig's  ~ BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Next, the boys had me sample their Beef Brisket Sandwich. With my first bite, I was in heaven. BBQ Brisket heaven. Thick chunks of peppery beef with its sweet, medium heat sauce. The pot roast consistency is enough to make a tear come to your eye.  The best part about their BBQ is that it is not saturated with sauce.  The meat stands on its own and speaks for itself with the flavor and almost doesn't even need the sauce. But the sauce is darn good too. It does nothing but enrich the overall experience.  I even ate the slaw! Ya'll know I'm not the biggest slaw fan. Cool thing was, its not a mayo based slaw. The brothers admitted to me that neither one of them like mayo, so they made a vinegar based slaw instead and it was quite good.

Mr. Pig's ~ Wo Wo Apple Pie
Now for desert. The Wo-Wo's Apple Pie. The pies were sitting in the window the way you see in the cartoons of old. Flaky crust and sweet tender apples. There was some sort of creamy vanilla yumminess folded into the pie that I couldn't quiet put my finger on. This is definitely not your average apple pie. If a normal pie is compared to apple juice, this pie would be compared to a terrific apple cider.
Insanely affordable prices, fantastic portion size, and if I had more than two thumbs I would give them more. I'm at least raising both of my big toes as well.

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