Friday, February 10, 2012

Food Junkies ~ Fish Tacos

I was gonna get some regular old fast food today but over my Food Truck Follower app on my phone I saw a truck I hadn't tried yet was right close to me. FOODJUNKIES. As I pull up, the truck made a big, bold statement with its awesome paint job. As I walk up, the first thing I usually look at are the prices. I was pleasantly surprised to see most everything on the menu was priced at $5. I saw an Angus burger, a grilled chicken sandwich your choice of regular or bbq.

Food Junkies
I asked what it was that they thought would be the best to review and they quickly answered the fish tacos. I said fish tacos it is! As they were preparing the food, I got to talking with them about what they do. They've been trucking for 10 years, they have 2 trucks, and they mostly do catering. They are available for any kind of event, and complete with a fully customizable menu. Every thing from breakfast to dinner. My tacos were awesome to say the least. 2 crispy battered fish with all the fixins. What I really loved was the yogurt based white sauce.Great food, good conversation, FOODJUNKIES gets two thumbs up from me!

Food Junkies ~ Fish Tacos

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