Friday, February 10, 2012

Joes On The Nose ~ Green Flash

Normally I don't wake up early on a Tuesday unless there is a stampede of cattle running through my bedroom. Whatever had possessed me to flutter my eyelids against the way-too-early (for me) sun? Joes On The Nose, the mobile coffee and tea truck. I pull up and there is no missing it's bright orange paint job with it's surfing theme. It's got that total hang-ten, aloha vibe.  I love it! As I walk toward it, I hear music and conversation going on.  Such a pleasant way to start off your morning, I thought. The boys put together their drink called The Green Flash for me.
This de'lish concoction is made up of green tea, soy milk, and vanilla over ice and blended smooth. Happily sipping away, I departed for work, and once I got there I only had one thought . . . . Why did I get the small? 

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