Friday, February 10, 2012

Delicioso ~ Tacos that MUST be eaten!

Delicioso Food Truck
I had so much fun meeting Jorge and Amy! They've been truckin' for 4 months now and is the only truck that I've sampled so far that has a completely different menu every single time they roll out. Lunch one menu, dinner another, but always TexMex in style and flavor.  I had barely finished introducing myself and 3 luscious tacos were handed to me. A smoked and stewed Marlon taco which had the mouth feel of shredded beef, but it was fish! 

Delicioso ~ Street Tacos

They called that the Nemo. The spicy shrimp was packed with flavor! And onions and peppers, and cheese . . . oh my! Then, there was the Big Bang Taco. ooooooooh mama. This was the best taco of them all! Ground Sirloin Beef and cubed potatoes in a shell with all the fixin's!  Its meat . . . and potatoes . . . together . . .in a taco . . . BRILLIANT! And before I could leave, 3 more tacos were handed to me. Jorge and Amy took real good care of me, haha!  Carne Asada, Pollo Asada and a Veggie taco. Which I had to eat later cause I was so completely stuffed, but were just as tasty.

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