Friday, February 10, 2012

Food Farm ~ Sliders

A friend of mine who works across the street from my work got interested in trying a food truck after all the ranting and raving I've been doing about them. I said, "Perfect! There is a truck I haven't tried before rolling in for lunch, and I don't have a car today. What time are you picking me up?" Around noon-thirty we find the truck and get out to take a look.

Food Farms Menu

All local organic ingredients, and they even have a chalk board to display what farms their ingredients
have come from for their menu that day.  I LOVE IT! We chose the Grass-Fed Beef Sliders. Add bacon to anything for $1! Hawaiian Rolls . . .bacon for $1 . . . blue cheese . . . . bacon for $1 . . . mustard caramelized onions . . . bacon for $1 . . . . you get two of them   . . . . have I mentioned you can add bacon for just $1? Delicious!

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