Friday, February 10, 2012

Eat at Recess ~ Hots and Tots

Jason ~ Recess Food Truck
I asked Jason how he came up with the theme for the truck. He told me that the whole idea came from the feeling of being a busy corporate worker that sometimes you just need a break from the grind, and how he wished he could be back in school just to have recess again. He said that everybody needs a recess now and then, and I totally agree.
This truck's cuisine offers legit vegetarian items as well as vegan options. Jason feels that his food takes on a more holistic approach by fusing taste with wholesome ingredients. Fresh veg, grass-fed beef (you know I love it), and fresh baked bread from Sadie Rose Bakery. They are also one of, if not the only truck that actually takes online orders and texts you when its ready! How cool is that!
Jason set me up with their Red Light/Green Light sandwich and 2 kinds of tots, and 2 of their made to order sodas!

Recess ~ Red Light Green Light Grilled Cheese
The Red Light/Green Light sammy was SO good. Grilled vegetarian turkey (tastes JUST like the real thing, if not better) caramelized onions, and my absolute favorite cheese in the whole wide world . . . . Havarti.  Grill it all up and put it on fresh made sourdough and shut the front door! But that's not all! This sammy is equipped with spicy jalapenos! Hence the Red Light. Or you can get it without them, which makes it the Green Light and gets a garlic aioli instead.  I had the Red Light, and wowwy, lip burning deliciousness!

Recess ~ Remedial Tots

When you hear the word "remedial" you think, oh no, not again. But if you say "Remedial Tots" then you will want to take this class again, and again, and again . . . . . I know I will. Crispy tater tots with bacon-salt (which I found out is actually Kosher, believe it or not), and cheddar cheese with their signature sauce. Its a meal in itself!


Recess ~ AP Tots

I also took and AP class on Tots as well. The AP Tots are topped with feta and drizzled with truffle oil. Perfecto!

The sodas were really, really good. They use real ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or fructose corn syrup. I had the Black Cherry, which is made from real cherries, and I also tried their Root Beer. I LOVED the Root Beer. It tasted like Root Beer used to taste in the old days. What I really liked about both of them is that you got all the wonderful flavor without getting all the overbearing sweetness you get from soda now adays. You need to try them . . .honestly. 

To quote Jack Black in the movie School of Rock, 

"He said recess is in session, two and two make five. Oh baby, now I'm alive! Ooee!"

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