Friday, February 10, 2012

Asian Persuasion ~ BBQ Chicken

I jumped the gun! I got to their location way before they did! But it was worth the wait I'm happy to say. This being their second stop, they were out of almost everything. Luckily I got the last BBQ Chicken!

A delicious Chinese style bbq chicken with short grain white rice and an asian slaw. The chicken was coated with a tasty red sauce that was both sweet and tangy with just a bit of zip.  The rice was nice and fluffy. - I know you're thinking, Amy, its just rice. Well, haha, trust me you can mess up rice. - The slaw was sweet and crunchy and worked perfectly when mixed up with the other components of the dish. I'm a firm believer in that sides should be great on their own and even better when you stir it all together. Great lunch today!

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