Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Q ~ BBQ Pork Melt

Oh Super Q, how do I love thee! Let me count the wait! What a Super Line! And for good reason too. I've visited this truck before, adored the beef brisket, got a recommendation to try the mac. So i had every intention of getting a slider and a side of mac... until i saw the melts.

A monster grilled sourdough sandwich with sauteed onions, mac and cheese, your choice of meat and glue it all together with more cheese. HEEEAAAAVVVEEEEENNNNNNNN! Meat, gorgeous as ever with its sweet and savory zip. I got the pork this time. Fallin off the bone tender. Tasty sourdough. Win. Sauteed onions, perfect compliment to the sweetness. Mac and cheese IN the sandwich? Why not! I was gonna get a side of it anyway and its all going in te same place anyway hehe.

But seriously it makes for a super fun texture break in between yummy mush and crunchy breading. I heard the warehouse dog come padding over sniffing the air wildly hoping for a handout. I took one look at the dog and without thinking in my best Cartman impression I exclaimed, "No doggy! THIS IS MY Q!"

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