Friday, February 10, 2012

MIHO Gastrotruck ~ Potato Rolled Tacos

 Monday, oh how I hate you, I think as I roll out of bed. Although I am excited because I'm going to be trying out MIHO Gastrotruck for lunch.  I eagerly watched the clock for my lunch break like a child watches the school clock and holds their breath for that bell. Finally, the wait is over! I hop in my car and drive over to where the MIHO truck was. So many amazing choices! Fig Jam burgers and Pork Belly Bahn Mi. How does one choose? 
I decided on the Potato Rolled Tacos. I was not disappointed! The rolled tacos had all the appearance of your favorite Mexican food joint's spread, but somehow the colors just popped more. Must have been all those fresh, organic ingredients. Crunchy shell, stacked with cheese, cabbage, fresh made Guac, and salsa. The potato was creamy and flavorful inside and made for a wonderful texture combination.

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