Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thai 1 On - Spicy Basil Fried Rice w/ Shrimp

Introducing Thai 1 On! Truckin' since November of 2011, two brothers, Scott and Pat, and Chef Enrique have been active in Gatherings all over San Diego! Having formed the SD Food Truck Alliance, this group of trucks takes regular "field trips" to places like Anahiem, Temecula, Redlands, Vegas, and the Del Mar Fair Grounds, and active supporters of Meals on Wheels.

Not many trucks can say that they have their own mascot!
This is Mango the Tiger! Mango enjoys all manner
of food but loves Thai 1 On's Chicken Satay. I guess that's why he is stuck like glue to the side of their truck.

Scott and Pat's family taught them how to cook traditional Thai food, and they took the skills they learned to a higher level by getting the
truck and "bringing a beach feel" to the food.
Traditional and Non-Traditional alike, you can find it both on the truck.

Using Choice meat and local produce, they said their food is meant to be "relaxed, inviting food." and while it certainly is inviting food, I wouldn't plan on taking a relaxing food journey, oh no. This food makes your tongue dance in your mouth! From their new Panang Shrimp Pasta to their famous Drunken Noodles!

Let us start with the Curry Fries. I told them just to give me a small portion so I could try them, they hand me a small bucket and tell me it's a half order of fries! Not that I can complain! I have never tasted anything like them before. The flavor is awesome, and if the fries themselves aren't spicy enough for you, they come with a dipping sauce of Sriracha aioli. The fries are thick cut, which is always appreciated, and the sauce is creamy and flavorful.

The Spicy Basil Fried Rice with Shrimp was just delicious in every sense of the word. The stirfry sauce is homemade and a closely guarded secret, but what I can tell you is that the rice contains garlic chili, Black Tiger Shrimp (they ain't messin' around), onions and fresh Thai Basil, and topped off with green onions.
Believe you me, the dish has some heat to it but its not so hot that you can't taste the other ingredients. Its a sweet spicy and definitely full flavor, but will clear your sinuses and appease your mouth at the same time.
No complaints here! I definitely give both of these dishes thumbs up and I will VERY much so be dreaming of those fries.

Looking forward to my next visit with you boys!

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