Friday, February 10, 2012

Flavor Me Philly! ~ Devilicious and Groggy's

If there was ever something more simple and delicious as the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, I don't think I've ever met it . . . . besides of course bacon . (but that goes without saying)

In my absence from the reviewing world I've had several delicious trips in which I took my usual notes and I recall them quite fondly.

Sadly, a couple months ago now, in the same day, I visited both an old flame and a new love, both sampling their takes on the delectable Philly Cheese Steak.

First up!

I dunno if these guys have a magical griddle in their truck or what!

Toasted buns with the deviliciouslly tasty combo of steak, cheese, onions and peppers. These guys never cease to amaze me.

I also got to try something a little different . . .

What I like to call the "Elvis Special". Imagine a desert sammy with peanut butter, bananas, and grilled up with powdered sugar. It was really decadent. The only thing I could possibly say bad about it is purely situational! The bananas weren't sweet enough, but that is no fault of theirs! Those bananas have a mind of their own, so while my tongue lacked that bit of sweet kick, the overall flavor combo was there and the only thing that could POSSIBLY make it better was if it was dripping with chocolate.  

My Devilicious pals get two thumbs up!

Next up!   Groggy's . . .

Okay so I know that I had a cheesesteak for lunch but I'll be darned if that tantalizing taste doesn't have you craving more.

The city of  Philadelphia  knows exactly why there are people lining up the block when they know full well they are on their way to a tasty meat heart attack.

So why not take the next logical step and slap that ooey gooey mess onto some nice crispy golden fries?

Well that's what Groggy's did! And I sat there and savored every last bite at the Tasty Truck Tuesday event until I was stuffed and satisfied. (Until the wonderful people from the Pierogi truck came over with a boat load of their finest and stuffed me till the breaking point!  . . . but that's another story)

Bless you Groggy's. Bless you for taking a great thing and making it better. Oh so much better.  The onions and peppers mingle so playfully on the tongue and the pyroclastic flow of hot creamy cheese over fries . . . brings a tear to my eye really. And not because I burned my tongue. . . cause I didn't! . . . It was just so beautiful.
I will be back! And with reinforcements!

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